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Antistatic agent

1,2,4-Triazolo[4,3-a] pyridine-3(H)-ONE

Antioxidant Tz516

Oil additives Tz416

Sz716 Full Synthetic high-temperature...

High temperature-synthetic, Fundamen...

Low temperature(cold zone)-synthetic...

n-Valeric acid (Pentanoic acid)

n-Capoic acid (Hexanoic acid)

n-Oenanthic acid , (Heptanoic ...



No.1 Dongji Road, Shenjia Development Zone, Quzhou Zhejiang Province, China
Post Code: 324022
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About us

Founded in Apr. 1997, Quzhou Hengshun Chemical Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years' efforts and development, has been developed into a diversified enterprise engaging in chemical production, chemical research & development and chemical transactions. Today, the Company is mainly working on producing fine chemicals and lubricating oils, as well as relevant R&D and marketing. Moreover, the Company tightly holds its leading role in chloro-pyridine, lubricating oils and additives. What the Company are mainly producing includes: 2-pyridone, dichloropyridine, 3-Hydroxytriazolo[4,3-a] pyridine, n-pentanoic acid, n-hexylic acid, n-heptanoic acid, high temperature chain oil, anti-oxygen and antistatic agent etc.
Depending on the powerful R&D team, the Company has fulfilled more than 20 production projects (including 6 high-tech products); besides, according to the demands of domestic demand, the Company has developed a series of lubricating oils and additives. Now, the Company is working hard to develop new products and improve its products and techniques, trying to make itself be a comprehensive production base for high-tech products.

For a long time, the Company strictly follows ISO 9000 quality system, who has obtained the honor "Inspection-free Enterprise" in consecutive years. Actually, high quality product and superior services are the key factors for our success. Currently, our products are being widely used in different fields and industries, like medical care, textile, dyeing, daily-use chemicals, food additives and aviation etc.. Additionally, by cooperating with some world-known transnational enterprises, the Company's products are being sold abroad.
We sincerely welcome your visit and hope to cooperate with you.



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